~ just rosy operates on a principle of reciprocity ~


for this biz, reciprocity means:

(1) acknowledging that systems of colonialism + capitalism have preyed upon specific groups of people (currently collectively named as BIPOC) by causing intentional + unintentional harm to communities + ecosystems 

(2) recognizing that, as an individual who has benefitted from these Euro-centric systems, it is my cosmic responsibility to respond to the harm caused

as a new + small biz it feels equal parts overwhelming + necessary to try and take on these structures that have been such a significant part of American life for forever.  for now, i am focusing on doing one small bit at a time.  below is the start of the JR reciprocity plan.  all constructive feedback is welcome and can be directed to the JR email ( !! 


these are JR’s current commitments:

JR will set aside 10% of all profits in a reciprocity fund

JR will offer select pieces each month that send 100% profits to the fund


where does this $$ go?  

donations to individuals most significantly affected by capitalism + colonialism

funding programs that promote community health + healing


* all 2020 donations were sent directly to BIPOC individuals or mutual fund organizations