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Just Rosy Jewelry

custom creation deposit

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$50 deposit towards a custom creation!

within 48 hours of your purchase you will receive a questionnaire to brainstorm all the details of your custom piece of jewelry or home decor, including; design inspiration, selecting + sourcing metals, choosing a gemstone adornment (*optional) and pricing + payment plans.  

please leave a note at checkout if you'd like to claim a specific stone, shell, or piece of beach glass shown on the listing image - details below:

1 - clear quartz heart

2 - abalone shell

3-5 - ammonite 

6-8 + 10 - white quartz  *found + cut by me, Rosy!

9 - orange + white quartz  *found + cut by me, Rosy!

11 - agate slice *cut by me, Rosy!

12 - Sonoran Gold Turquoise

13 - black mother of pearl shell

14 - imperial topaz, faceted 

15 - green sea glass *found + cut by me, Rosy!

16-17 - green tourmaline (from Maine) 


this jewelry is slow crafted from sterling silver + 14k yellow gold-filled materials.  every single item is hand built piece by piece + has been designed to withstand daily wear

every design can be custom made with different metals including solid yellow + rose gold.

please email all requests to -

Shipping & Returns

all made-to-order pieces can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase.

please reach out with questions about returns or repairs -

Care Instructions

it is classically recommended that you keep your jewelry clean + dry, away from soaps, lotions and perfumes. these are great guidelines, but just between us, JR pieces are hella sturdy + you can break those rules sometimes!

tldr; you can wear your JR jewels on the day-to-day without worrying about negative effects!