i founded just rosy in 2018

as everything started blooming in early April, i shared my first ever collection of delicate wire designs at a teeny local market - it was a fitting time to make a big, open-hearted stretch towards something new

 i have always been a maker - if i have decent materials, chill music and inspiration, i am content to be left alone for a whiiiiiiile.  my maker-energy turned towards jewelry when i was in high school - whenever i was getting ready for the day i would get my heart set on my jewelry holding a certain feeling.  call it teenage stubbornness or empathic self-support (or both), i knew i needed a *vibe*.. and i usually found mySelf shuffling through all my collected jewels, just to keep wearing the same four or five pieces.

can you guess what they all had in common...?

... yessss, they were all handmade!! 

i truly treasured those pieces of jewelry.  not only were they perfectly unique, usually they were gifts from a loved one to celebrate some very special occasion. when i wore those works of art it felt like i was holding some small token of that cherished memory close to me all day + that was the fuel for the big *vibe* i was always craving.  

i started making jewelry to hold deep, sentimental value like the pieces i cherished in my own collection - i gathered some basic tools, started learning simple techniques + created a space to alchemize the designs floating around in my head.  i fell in love with my metalwork process - dreaming up a project + working with raw metal, fire + stone to birth the art into the world.  offering my creations up thru JR is a very special experience for me; i'm honored when i think about a JR piece being a part of your day.  


metalsmith hammering sterling silver ring on mandrel


since 'officially' starting JR in 2018...

... i filled up the past couple years with metalsmith lessons, markets, midnight studio sessions and many mistakes. thankfully all of those moments led me to here!  i hope you enjoy exploring my collections - check back often, there's always more to come <3

- this lil biz is also a space where i am developing a practice of reciprocity (read more here) -

living my fullest creative life is a true gift for me + i wouldn't be able to do it without the love, support, and care from all of y'all.  SO, here's a big, HUGE, thanks to you - from the bottom of my heart - thank you for being here :) 

with love,



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